This product is AMAZING!
Took care of my 19 yrs old sons hockey gear “issues”
I couldn’t believe the results.
– Frank Cloutier

My son plays hockey he is 12 and his gear is so stinky I can’t stand it. I do not have the fortune of having a garage so the equipment is in my laundry room. After I tried the All Star Sport Wash I could not believe the difference, the smell is gone. This is the best product I have ever tried.
– Angela

Couldn’t be happier!…My wife hated hockey league night because my hands would smell awful when I got home. My gloves had a foul smell that I just could not get rid of, I cleaned them with everything I could think of with no success, it was so bad that after wearing them in a game, my hands would smell all night even after countless scrubbings. Getting new gloves were not an option… I searched the internet for a cure and found your Sports Wash, after just one cleaning the odour was gone, the gloves were clean and my wife was happy…I had no idea that the source of the odour was a fungus…thanks great product boys…
– John R.

Being a runner I’ve never had any luck getting the odour out of my technical running gear. I tried soaking the clothing in other products I just couldn’t get the “funk” out of the clothing. It got to a point where I was ready to replace all of my running gear. One wash with All Star Sports Wash and my clothes smelled great and felt like they were brand new.
Thanks Wash Safe!
– Shane H.