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Bacteria Infection

Bacterial Infection

Athletes foot, jock itch, staph infections and offensive odors are all the result of bacteria from sweat. Playing sports or working out make people sweat. When sweat is not removed properly bacteria starts to form and infection and odor follow.

Sweat pants, shorts, socks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, under garments are all clothing items that get washed regularly, these items do not usually form bacteria. Sneakers, cleats, turf shoes, skates, hockey gloves, sports pads, uniforms and jackets are sports gear that rarely if ever gets washed, it’s these items that have the great concentration of bacteria. A simple pre-soak in the All Star Sports Wash will rid these items of problem causing bacteria.

Everyday sports wear like shorts, socks and t-shirts can benefit from being washed with All Star Sports Wash because it is a super concentrated heavy duty laundry detergent the contains a proprietary blend of bacteria fighting agents. It also contains a revolutionary new product referred to as a”redeposition agent” it prevents the bacteria, dirt and other debris that get removed from the clothing during the wash from re-entering or re-depositing themselves back in the clothing during the rinse cycles of the wash.

Dri-Fit-LogoDri Fit and other “keep you dry” moisture wicking clothing really benefit from a wash with All Star Sports Wash because the process “de-wicks” or unclogs the pores in the clothing that make it function correctly. So to keep your “Dry Fit” clothing working, wash them with All Star Sports Wash.

Softball, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Rugby and other sports that are played on fields and in dirt or clay have uniforms that get really dirty and stained. Nothing removes these stains like All Star Sports Wash. These items require a pre-soaking either in the washer machine, a tub or a large container for 2-4 hours before a regular wash. Red clay really stains cleats, sneakers and uniforms but have no fear your gear will look like new. All Star Sports Wash is “oxygen based”, while pre-soaking the solution penetrates the fabric and the oxygen bubbles lift the stains from the fabric.

Football, hockey and other sports pads can be soaked in the All Star Sports Wash then thoroughly rinsed with water and hung dry to remove odors, bacteria and give them a good cleaning.

Athletic Directors, athletes, moms and dads or anyone responsible for the health of another person should be using this All Star Sports Wash to remove “health problem” causing bacteria. It’s more than just a bacteria removing solution, it has to be one of the most advanced laundry detergents ever created. The solution also contains some “oxygen bleach” which will brighten the whites and the colors without the thread damage that occurs with “chlorine bleach”.

Dirty Construction GearDirty Construction GearIt’s not just for athletes! Construction workers, landscapers, doctors, nurses, chefs or anybody who not just sweats in their work clothes but who’s clothes get organic filth on them during the day, like dirt, blood, food stains or grass stains can benefit from washing their work garments in the All Star Sports Wash. Keep your clothing looking good and smelling good with Sport Wash..