Staph Infection Prevention

As you may know the incidence of staph infection, foot fungal infection, and skin irritations from bacterial infected equipment has become a real problem. All sports face it, but especially hockey, even at the NHL level. Professional hockey teams have gone to a great deal of trouble and significant cost to minimize this potentially disabling contamination through high tech equipment cleaning processes. We recognized the need for a simple, cost effective product to minimize the chance of any athlete contracting one of these infections, and to make available to the hundreds of thousands of amateur athletes a product which will effectively clean the guilty equipment.

All Star Sports Wash contains a proprietary blend of bacteria fighting agents, specifically formulated for the disinfecting and deodorizing of athletic equipment from all sports (we hear mothers, girlfriends, and wives cheering all over the world)!

One of the buzz words in the world of cleaning “technical” under-garment apparel is “redeposition”. This refers to the way that machine cleaning with ordinary detergents allows the washer to “redeposit” dirt and body grime back into the fabric during the drain and rinse cycles. We have developed an additive in our Sports Wash that effectively removes the soiling from the pores of the fabric, suspends it in the wash water and does not allow it to re enter or redeposit back into the garment being washed, thus far more effectively cleaning the entire piece of gear. This phenomenon has been particularly noticeable on the technical gear worn by athletes such as runners, hikers, mountain bikers, as All Star Sports Wash actually restores the lost “wicking” ability of the garment allowing it to perform the job for a much longer life.